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The Music Ministry at Cedar Spring encompasses all ages and  facets of Worship.

Children's Choir
The Children's Choir begins the journey with songs, handbells, and dramas. The Children's Staff are committed to providing the opportunity for the kids to participate in Sunday morning worship on a regular basis. Holy days and holidays are prime opportunities for these kids to sing Christmas songs or to tell the Birth of Jesus story.  Easter may bring the Palm Sunday processional and there are many songs or handbell programs throughout the year.
Mountain Movers Youth Worship Team
The Youth have a Worship team called Mountain Movers. These talented folks bring Contemporary Worship songs, solos, and some instrumentals to Worship on a regular basis. The leaders of this group are committed to encouraging spiritual growth, leadership, and fun.
Adult Choir

The Adult Choir leads worship at every service. Men and Women of all ages are encouraged to participate. Traditional anthems, praise and worship as well as Cantatas and special programs are all in the mix. The order of the day is to lift every voice and sing! Rehearsals are held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.

Praise Team

The Praise team are vocalists out of the choir who focus on Contemporary Praise and Worship music. These talented folks introduce new songs and draw from celebration songs of years past. Soloists lead as the songs allow and offer their musical gifts.  Rehearsals are at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.


Our Instrumentalists at this time include a very talented group of folks. Current instrumentation is Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. These folks are called upon to provide musical arrangements for the Youth, the Adult Choir, and the Praise team, as well as instrumental music. This group is open by audition. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings with the Choir, Praise team, or as an instrumental group depending on what the service calls for. If you have a musical gift and would like to participate, feel free to contact the Worship leader.

Media Coordinators

The Media Coordinators are vital to the functioning of our Worship. This team runs the sound, prepares the visual support, and films the worship services. Our Worship services flow smoothly with visual cues and audio thanks to the efforts of these talented individuals, who are at their best when they are unnoticed. If you have a gift in this area, please contact the Worship leader. 

Come worship with us and find your place in the Music Ministry. 
All are welcome. To God be the Glory.


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